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These are trying times that make us reflect on our own physical and financial well-being!  I am open and accepting clients with both our health and safety in mind!  Most of the legal profession can be done via technology.  If you need bankruptcy protection, estate planning, or probate work, contact me today at (330) 571-3350!

A veteran serving the needs of other veterans!  Veterans look at the world differently from civilians.  As a result, their needs and issues are unique.  Discuss your legal issues with another veteran who is on your side.  Call MARK GRAZIANI today!


Notary Public providing traveling Notary services.  Call MARK GRAZIANI today!


Authority on firearms, firearms laws, CCWs, and related issues.  Are you the subject of a NICS denial or firearms disability?  Call MARK GRAZIANI today at (330) 571-3350!

During these turbulent times, the safety of you and your family takes highest priority!  Take charge and ensure the safety of your loved ones!  Be proactive and get your gun rights restored!  Call MARK GRAZIANI today at (330) 571-3350!


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